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  1. Harmonise the list of formats with those on Jason Klaczynski's blog

    The USP of TCG One compared to PTCGO is the availability of the earliest cards, but the available formats don't seem interested in presenting them in the best light.

    The only format that permits the use of Base Set cards is "Gen 1", or Base-Rocket; Klaczynski calls this a coinflip-based format due to the strength of Rocket's Sneak Attack and Dark Vileplume. Meanwhile, the best formats of the early days, such as Base-Jungle/Base-Fossil and Base-Neo, are nowhere to be seen.

    (Also, E-card is listed in the guide but not available to choose. What's up with that?)

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    Hello, we’ve recently;
    - Added Base-Neo to Quickplay
    - Changed Classic to Base-Fossil
    - Renamed GEN1 to Base-Gym

    Moreover, we plan to;
    - Replace Base-Gym in Career with Base-Fossil
    - Add Base-Neo to Career


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